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Three (3) industry references are required and one of the three references must be a current RMA member in good standing. If you are unable to provide a current RMA member as one of your three (3) references, then provide five (5) industry references. References should be companies with which you have had debt collection or debt purchase/sale transactions. Multiple references from the same reference company is not allowed. RMA staff will perform informal reference calls. Please obtain permission from your references in advance and notify them that they will be contacted. Personal, banking or office supplier references are not acceptable. RMA will perform a basic background check (civil and criminal) on the company and applicant in addition to each owner (inclusive of shareholders, partners, principals, members, etc.) with a five (5) percent or greater share of ownership and each corporate officer of an Applicant Company as part of RMA’s due diligence. The background data is compiled by a nationally recognized commercial service. The report will remain confidential and used by RMA staff. Findings will then be share with the RMA board for reviewing and approving membership.

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ABA - American Bankers Association
ACA - ACA International
CLLA - Commercial Law League of America
CUNA - Credit Union National Association
MBA - Mortgage Bankers Association
NARCA - National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys

List all corporate officers or owners/shareholders indicating percentage of ownership of each.
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Membership Categories
Associate Members: The designation for non-certified companies who are debt buyers, law firms, or collection agencies.

Affiliate Members: The designation for companies who provide products and services to the receivables management industry. Companies who purchase charged-off receivables are ineligible for membership under this category.

International Debt Buyers: The designation for companies who purchase charged-off receivables whose headquarters and all other offices are located outside of the United States and its territories.

Original Creditor Members: The designation for companies who offer or extend consumer or commercial lines of credit. Companies who purchase charged-off receivables are ineligible for membership under this category.

Membership Dues
Annual dues cover the cost of company membership and include one primary contact. Additional members can be added for $50 per person. Membership in RMA is based on a traditional calendar year (e.g., January – December). Dues are billed annually each October.

Starting October 1, take advantage of RMA’s 15-4-12 new member offer (offer ends December 31, 2017). This offer provides up to 15 months of membership for the annual price of 12 months. New members joining under this offer will receive benefits beginning on the date of member approval through December 31, 2018. This is a great way to stretch your dollars, receive member rates on RMA’s upcoming annual conference and enjoy complimentary regular monthly webinars.

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(add staff to your company’s RMA membership; they receive all member benefits including alerts, the RMA Insights Magazine, registration discounts and “members only” access to the website). Complimentary monthly webinars are included with your membership.

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By clicking the Submit button, you hereby acknowledge that: (1) your company is an active participant in the receivables management industry, (2) you are an authorized agent of your company that is able to enter into this agreement, (3) you have not knowingly provided any false or misleading information and (4) you have read, understood and agree to abide by RMA's Bylaws, Code of Ethics, and Statement of Principles and Guidelines for the Sale and Purchase of Consumer Debt located on RMA's website and (5) authorize RMA to obtain a civil and criminal background report on yourself and your company. Membership confirmation is subject to board approval.

Membership dues paid to RMA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Additionally, RMA estimates that 100% of your dues will be used to support the Organization’s national and state legislative/regulatory program.

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